Shipping, payments and rights


Please make sure that your address is correct!
For any parcel or letter that comes back we have to pay the shipping back with an extra charge of 50 cents (CHF). Example: If a parcel to the US with a weight of 500g gets returned to sender (Bergtatt Editions) because the address you submitted was wrong or because you did not pick it up at the post office after having been notified, we need to pay CHF 12.50 return fee to the post office when we receive it back — and you still don’t have your goods; then we need to ship the parcel again and pay another CHF 12 postage. So in the end, you have already paid CHF 12 for postage initially, the parcel gets returned, CHF 12 return fee on top for us, and then another CHF 12 for postage for shipping it a second time… you end up paying CHF 36  just for postage! So please save yourself the trouble and double-check your address and make sure you can pick up the parcel when notified.

All postage costs and eventual return fees must be carried by the buyer.

We ship everywhere
Unfortunately, we don’t offer any tracking yet as it is ridiculously expensive when shipping from Switzerland. We might offer it in the future but since 2012 we’ve only lost maybe 20 packages and we always figured it out nicely with our customers, based on trust. If you really wanna have it shipped insured and with tracking please get in touch with us at

Shipping times.
Switzerland: 2-3 working days
Europe: 6-10 working days
World: up to 15 working days

Please be aware that we are not a big company and that we may sometimes need up to 1-2 weeks time to process and pack your order depending on our schedule. Bergtatt Editions is a company of 2 persons with jobs on the side, which is why we only ship our books once a week. If you would like fast shipping, registered shipping (only in Switzerland), please write us before you place your order.


We offer Paypal and Stripe as means of payment for international customers.
Swiss customers can pay their orders by bank transfer / Postfinance, if requested through our contact formular.



In any given situation where you might encounter issues, troubles with our products, please write us through our contact page.

We will assume full responsibility if:

  • an item is missing
  • a parcel ordered doesn’t arrive
  • the parcel is sent to a different address from the one mentioned on the order confirmation

We will not endorse any responsibility if:

  • the customer provides a wrong or incomplete address *
  • a book arrives with minor cosmetic damages ( slighty splitted jacket/bent corners ). Everything is packed carefully but sometimes these issues are impossible to avoid.
  • a parcel is returned to sender ( unclaimed parcel, addressee absent, wrong/incomplete address, mailbox too small, etc ) *

* You’ll be asked to pay again for shipping costs once the parcel will be returned. This process often takes a few weeks.

Thanks for your understanding and support